Our company was first established by Nejdet Yavuz in 1999 and begin production at 02.03.2007. Our first farm which is also the first trout farm of Turkey was built in 1970, by Hacı Ömer Yavuz in Denizli Sakızcılar village with a capacity of 50 tons portion/year and 1,5 million units/year.

Yavuzlar majored the production on rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) and increased the capacity through new investmests due to this specy’s easy cultivation period, good market condition and highly compatible needs with our water quality. The first investment was the farm, with a capacity of 75 tones/year, located in Bağbaşı, Denizli. Continuing trout investments were Burdur/Karacaören facility with a capacity of 400 tones per year and Aydın/Çine facility with a capacity of 500 tones per year.

In addition to all of these investments in 2005 in Isparta, Çukur Village Gürlevik location a hatchery facility was built which has a capacity of 1.500.000 units per year. Same year a second hatchery facility was built with a capacity of 6.000.000 units per year. Through these investment our fingerling trout capacity is 7.500.000 units per year.

For completing the integration and beginning export trades, a modern processing facility was needed and in 2010 in Afyon-Dazkırı Industrial Zone our processing facility was established with a capacity of 2000 tones of trout per year as fresh, whole frozen or fillet and smoked with world standarts.

The product grown to complete the integration was processed in a very modern way and 43 thousand m2 was taken from the Organized Industrial Zone of Afyon İli Dazkırı District for exporting. This plant, which has been completed, processes 2.000 tons of trout per year as fresh, frozen whole or fillet and smoked at world standards and exports completely.